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noun: a secret agreement among several people

Why did I choose The Reading Conspiracy as the title of my blog? “Conspiracy” describes a secret agreement among several people. Yes, I acknowledge that it’s typically placed in a negative context however, in this, conspiracy means anything but that. The joy of reading, the dark, deep and tearful secrets that come with it, are all part of a conspiracy - a conspiracy among people who love to read. When a book speaks to us on a personal level, or when we make a connection with one that we can’t possibly explain to another being, we tend to keep to ourselves the secrets each book brings. And although we may choose to share how much we love and enjoy one of those said books, that feeling of understanding and literal completion a good book gives to you is only shared among the likes of true bibliofiles. And with that, all bibliofiles have some type of reading conspiracy - a secret and silent agreement between each of us and these books.



My name is Julia. I’m an avid reader, bookworm and have been for as long as I can remember. I’m a wife and a mom to the sweetest 5 year old fur baby. Professionally, I’m a graphic designer with a strong aesthetic for branding, marketing and event design. You can find me on Instagram at @juls.avaness.

Personally, I’m a lover of all animals and hope to one day run and own my own sanctuary. In another life, I would be a vet or some type of animal caregiver, but unfortunately in this life I was born with a strong dislike of biology (thanks 7th grade science!). Recently, I decided to merge my professional talents with my love for animals, creating a pro-bono design group for animal rescue organizations called White Paw Design. This is currently pending as life kind of gets crazy sometimes.

My hobbies besides being a bookworm include an enthusiasm for anything relating to cakes. Cake baking, cake decorating and my favorite, cake eating - if there’s a cake there’s a way. I’ve also recently started an inspirational cake instagram (@garnishedsweets) and will be posting my own cake decorating and frosting videos and images of cakes I’ve been tasked with creating for friends and family.

Cuddling up on the couch with my pitbull Thor while watching some Netflix dark thriller is an ideal way to spend my weekends.

So many books, so little time.
— Frank Zappa

Professional Reader 50 Book Reviews Reviews Published 80%