Review: All the Lovely Pieces

Review: All the Lovely Pieces

All the Lovely Pieces by J.M. Winchester

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Motherly love can drive her to the absolute edge…

For nine years, Drew Baker has been running from her brutal husband and the dark deeds of the night she left him. Focused on protecting her ten-year-old son, Drew reluctantly settles into a small town, eager to find proof of her husband’s true nature so she can stop looking over her shoulder.

But Drew is also on the run from her own terrible crimes—ones that mean prison and separation from her son should the police catch up to her before her husband does. If only she could remember that night and what really transpired…

Without warning, the unthinkable happens, and Drew is plunged into the most nightmarish situation a woman and mother could imagine. Desperate to save her child, Drew takes matters into her own hands, proving that anyone is capable of darkness, and nowhere is safe for those who fear themselves.


All the lovely pieces fall to the floor…

*whistles* Damn, what a wild ride! It’s been a minute since I’ve read a good psychological + domestic thriller. I was excited to read this because of the slew of good reviews from other people who had ARCs and I have to say, it definitely lived up to the hype. I lost count of the number of chills that ran through my body as I was reading. From page one, we hit the ground running. There are no dull moments in All the Lovely Pieces. Really. Absolutely none.

Drew is a single mom on the run from her demons (well, just one demon really), trying to give her son as normal of a life as possible. All the lovely pieces she’s tried to arrange over the past 9 years have slowly started to fall into place but then, as things are starting to feel safe and normal for once, all the pieces start to fall apart, bit by bit.

The domestic abuse was difficult to read, not necessarily because of the content matter but because of how attached I felt to Drew. I felt her pain and her struggles and it surprised me how much I connected with her on an emotional level. This is one of those rare books where it’s easy to emotionally connect with each character in one way or another.

It's dark and gritty but if you’re in need of an edge-of-your-seat thriller that you won’t want to put down, this is the book for you.

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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