Review: Beasts of the Frozen Sun

Review: Beasts of the Frozen Sun

Beasts of the Frozen Sun by Jill Criswell

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Burn brightly. Love fiercely. For all else is dust.

Every child of Glasnith learns the last words of Aillira, the god-gifted mortal whose doomed love affair sparked a war of gods and men, and Lira of clan Stone knows the story better than most. As a descendant of Aillira and god-gifted in her own right, she has the power to read people's souls, to see someone's true essence with only a touch of her hand.

When a golden-haired warrior washes up on the shores of her homeland--one of the fearful marauders from the land of the Frozen Sun--Lira helps the wounded man instead of turning him in. After reading his soul, she realizes Reyker is different than his brethren who attack the coasts of Glasnith. He confides in her that he's been cursed with what his people call battle-madness, forced to fight for the warlord known as the Dragon, a powerful tyrant determined to reignite the ancient war that Aillira started.

As Lira and Reyker form a bond forbidden by both their clans, the wrath of the Dragon falls upon them and all of Glasnith, and Lira finds herself facing the same tragic fate as her ancestor. The battle for Lira's life, for Reyker's soul, and for their peoples' freedom has only just begun.


WARNING: Do not start reading this book at 10pm at night. You will NOT be able to put it down until you finish it. I devoured this book and finished it at 2am. I’m now sleep deprived but it was absolutely worth it. I went to sleep thinking about it. I woke up thinking about it. I’m now addicted and obsessed. Lia and Reyker have captured my heart and taken it with them.

The most incredible thing about Beasts of the Frozen Sun is that it is the author’s debut novel which absolutely just blows my mind. It is beautifully written with an incredible setting and world-building so established and detailed, you’d never even know you weren’t physically living in it from the moment you read the first page. Every visual detail is vividly described - from the land they reside on down to the glint of the weapons they carry. It’s a story full of magic, gods, epic battles between clans, and a villain that will have you worrying about the fate of our beloved characters until the very end.

All of the characters were beautifully created and introduced to us with a purpose. The leads have a smoldering slow-burn romance that will literally ignite you on their first contact. Their love story is magical and INTENSE. We first learn that they share a brief history in the past that still connects them to each other in the present. They have a language barrier that totally gave me “Me Tarzan, you Jane” vibes which I could honestly just immerse myself in over and over again. To my delight, it is resolved by communicating through Lia’s soul touch which ends up being so personal and intimate that I just wanted more and more. Our beloved heroes are incredibly selfless as each is determined to sacrifice themselves to protect the other. Lia and Reyker are far from perfect, both with individual flaws that add true character and essence, but they are perfect for each other. Their character development is unmatched and it's so satisfying to see them grow as both individuals and a pair.

And the villain - the villain is everything you want the big bad to be. Mysterious, terrifying, powerful and full of unanswered questions. And that twist at the end? Oh my. Could this story get any better?

I’m at a loss as to what to say because it was THAT good. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it all morning. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself until the next one in this series comes out. 2020 can’t come soon enough.

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

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