Review: Rogue Most Wanted

Review: Rogue Most Wanted

Rogue Most Wanted (The Cavensham Heiresses #5) by Janna MacGregor

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There’s one creed all Cavensham men subscribe to: they fall in love completely and decidedly. But what happens when the woman you fall in love with swears she'll only marry you as a last resort? Rogue Most Wanted is the next book in the sparkling, romantic Cavensham Heiress series by Janna MacGregor.


Lady Theodora Worth needs to marry fast in order to keep her estate. It’s been her heart and home for years, and she’ll not lose it to anyone. There’s just one problem—as a woman who was raised in isolation by her grandfather, she’s completely incapable of pouring a cup of tea, never mind wooing a man. She’ll need a little matchmaking help from her sprightly next-door neighbor in order to find a convenient husband…


Lord William Cavensham’s heart was broken years ago, and since that day he vowed to never love again. But his spirited Great Aunt Stella is determined he’ll marry or not inherit a single penny from her. And she’s got just the woman in mind—her beautiful and completely hapless next-door neighbor, Thea…

Thea and Will agree there’s no sense in marrying each other. Will wholeheartedly believes he’s incapable of love, and Thea refuses to marry the first man she’s practically met. But Will may be the rogue Thea wants the most after all…


This book is an overdose of sugar. So sweet, I thought I got cavities from reading it. No, but really, in all seriousness, this is one of those books that makes you go, "Awwwe! How cute." every 10 pages. Is it cheesy? Absolutely. Is it corny? Absolutely. Is there instalove? You bet. Did I care? Nope. Sometimes you need an extra, sickly sweet, dose of sugar to just get through the night.

Rogue Most Wanted surprised me in a few ways. The first being at how well it was written. It wasn't that I was expecting it to be a total hot mess, but I was pleased when the words easily flowed and I kept turning the pages to just keep reading more and more. The second way it surprised me was how much I really enjoyed Thea and Will's characters. Thea was headstrong and persistent despite being naive about many things. William was genuinely sweet, nice and easy to be doey-eyed over but not in a roll-your-eyes kind of way. The bonus surprise in this book?! The raunch level. I wasn't expecting that but HELLO! It was 100% most welcome. It was sweetly built up and done in stages over the course of many chapters. It felt absolutely real and natural.

Also, there is a gossip rag called “The Midnight Cryer” that publishes nonsense about our beloved characters. It reminded me of a 19th Century Gossip Girl. It didn't really add anything to the story but I thought it was an intriguing way to break up the chapters and keep the story moving.

I think this was a record for me for the number of times I said "sweet" in a review. Do yourself a favor and pick up this sweet book!

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

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