Review: The Night Before

Review: The Night Before

The Night Before by Wendy Walker

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The night before...and the nightmare after.

Rosie and Laura are as different as two sisters can be. One is stable and has the perfect family. The other struggles to break free from her troubled past. When Laura disappears after going on a blind date, Rosie takes matters into her own hands. 

But as Rosie begins to search for her sister, her greatest fears come to the surface. Could Laura be more of a danger than the stranger she meets or is the night before her last night alive? 

Told in dual timelines—the night before and the day after—The Night Before is a riveting thriller about family loyalty, obsession, and what happens when the desire for love spins out of control.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The back and forth from the night before, to the present day, to the therapy sessions from months prior, were easily and seamlessly transitioned. I enjoyed being in Laura's head and discovering and empathized over just how broken she really was. 

My only criticism is that I felt that the twist was a little bit underwhelming. Maybe I've just been reading too many psychological thrillers lately because as I was reading this I was coming up with different possible scenarios that were a bit more exciting and had more of a shock factor than what was actually in the story.

Overall, a really great and easy read. Wish it had an epilogue!

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

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