Review: Where There's a Will

Review: Where There's a Will

Where Theres’s a Will by Beth Corby

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Would you take the chance that could change everything?

After leaving university at the age of twenty-five with no idea what to do with her life, Hannah is stunned when she is left a mystery bequest by her rich, estranged great-uncle Donald.

But there's a catch: before she can find out what she's inherited, she must undertake a series of unknown tasks alongside Alec, Donald's reluctant (but rather gorgeous) PA.

As the tasks progress and she and Alec grow closer, Hannah begins to think that Donald's real gift might have more to do with love than money .


Where There's a Will is a surprisingly sweet, uplifting and heart-warming tale of overcoming fears, crossing uncharted territories and unlocking the best within you. It's a feel-good love story that embraces and preaches self-love with the added goodness of a romantic interest.

We meet our narrator and heroine, Hannah, who is absolutely delightful but lacks the confidence she needs to get through her complicated and unfulfilled life post-college, filled with unhappy parents, a brash older sister, and cousin, and a judgemental aunt, uncle, and grandmother. We're thrown into her world and quickly learn to dislike her family. Unexpectedly, her grandmother's estranged (and wealthy) brother aka great-uncle Donald, invites his distant family over for tea, and unbeknownst to them, is secretly searching for an heir to his fortune. Our sweet Hannah catches his interest and shortly after, Donald passes, leaving Hannah mysterious tasks to complete in order for her to discover what she's inherited from him.

We follow along, experiencing it all and learning as Hannah does as she completes each task, one by one. Slowly, we begin to realize that not only are these tasks where we learn more about Donald's (somewhat scandalous but totally intriguing) life but tasks that make Hannah a stronger, more confident person. The character growth she shows from beginning to end is surprising, especially when you juxtapose the very first few chapters with the very last. And along the way, Alec becomes the perfect helping hand in completing the tasks and allowing Hannah to relish in her journey of self-love and self-discovery.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I really adored Hannah, oddly feeling protective of her at times when she'd come across a difficult obstacle, be that a task or person. This was a really sweet tale that reveals how just one person believing in you and pushing you in the right direction can change your life for the better.

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

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